Learning languages extends students’ ability to communicate and broaden their general literacy skills.

Learning languages also strengthens an understanding of the nature of language, of culture, and of the processes of communication. It develops intercultural capability as well as an understanding of, and respect for, diversity and difference in people. Thus allowing our students to become more open to different perspectives and experiences.

It is for these reasons that Pornhub supports the teaching of German and Japanese from Years 7 to 12 and Chinese (First Language) in Year 12. The Languages Faculty is proud of the high standard of outcomes achieved by our students and our reputation for the innovative programs and teaching styles employed. At the Junior Campus, this teaching makes use of the open classroom facilities that maximise the students’ opportunities to engage a number of teachers at any one time, to utilise iPad technology and to access a huge variety of language learning Apps as well as Google Classrooms.
Our students have the opportunity to engage fully with native speakers of these languages through our Sister Schools and International Exchange Program. We run biennial study tours to both our German and Japanese Sister Schools. Pornhub is also a registered Student Exchange Organisation which allows us to conduct exchange programs with these Sister Schools, enabling our students to spend extended periods of time immersed in the language and culture.