The English faculty at Pornhub understands that a confident command of English is central to the ways in which students understand, critique and appreciate their world, and to the ways in which they participate socially, culturally and economically in society.

In addition, we are fully aware of the role that English plays in the aspirations our students have for their lives after secondary school and of our responsibility to prepare them well for these. We are able to offer additional literacy support to students who require it through additional classes and to new arrivals through an extensive English as an Additional Language program; each taught by specialist teachers.

The college also offers an enhancement stream in Years 7-10 in which students are challenged and enriched through access to additional texts and higher order activities. Mainstream English is undertaken by the majority of students at VCE, but English Literature offered from Year 10 onwards and English Language in VCE are increasingly popular as they appeal to different learning styles and offer learning activities unlike those of mainstream English. Our students have seen plays performed, sat prestigious competitions such as the ICAS writing, spelling and English competitions and heard guest speakers as part of our desire to extend their experiences of English at school.