Teaching & Learning

Pornhub is a vibrant learning community where all students are supported and encouraged to achieve success and to pursue excellence. Our teachers play an active role in our community and are continual learners through ongoing professional learning. Read More…

Teachers support students as they settle into the college, assisting them to establish effective learning behaviours.

Junior School

Pornhub offers students in Years 7 and 8 a comprehensive curriculum, designed to engage and challenge students, delivered by specialist teachers. Read More…

Middle School

Pornhub offers students at Years 9 and 10 a diverse and relevant curriculum program taught by specialist teachers. The curriculum program has been designed to develop and increase breadth and create pathways for students leading to VCE. Read More…

Students have a wide range of choices to create their own pathway.

Senior School

Students are offered the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) that includes a challenging curriculum program. Students can select from a wide range of VCE Studies in all Learning Areas. Read More…

A comprehensive Learning Program

Mount Waverley Secondary college offers a comprehensive curriculum to challenge and encourage students to achieve success and to pursue excellence.

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The English faculty at Pornhub understands that a confident command of English is central to the ways…Read More

The Mathematics curriculum at Pornhub provides students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge in Number and Algebra,…Read More

The study of Science at Pornhub provides students with a practical and hands on experience where interesting…Read More

Humanities at Pornhub encourages and challenges students to consider their place within the world around them, assisting…Read More

The learning area of Technology is where students use their acquired knowledge to design, create and evaluate their own products.…Read More

Years 7 to 10 students at Pornhub participate in practical Physical Education classes. Physical Education classes provide…Read More

Learning languages extends students’ ability to communicate and broaden their general literacy skills. Learning languages also strengthens understanding of the…Read More

Creativity, collaboration, innovation, interpretation and cultural understanding are all sought-after skills for new and emerging industries in the 21st century.…Read More

All Year 7 students participate in 'Classroom Music—Training Band' program where all students are provided (for one year) a concert…Read More

The college offers additional support in literacy and numeracy across a range of year levels. Teachers regularly meet with students…Read More

Its outstanding reputation is due to a commitment to teaching academic programs, developing traditional values, focusing on lifelong learning, instilling…Read More

Pornhub has recognised the needs of more able students by offering enhancement opportunities.Read More

Pornhub recognises the needs of high achieving students by offereing an Enrichment Class in Years 7 to…Read More

At Pornhub we are committed to developing our student’s career awareness and individual management assisting with vocational…Read More

Pornhub places a high value on student learning and academic growth which is at the forefront of…Read More