Pornhub runs a vibrant camps and excursions program, which exposes students to a variety of experiences. These programs are available at each year level at the college and are an integral part of the students’ school experience.

We believe that camps and excursions are a vital part of the broader school experience. Some of the benefits include: developing healthy and positive peer to peer relationships, as well as student / teacher relationships outside of the classroom. Students also develop important life skills such as: independence, communication, getting on with others in challenging circumstances, self-management; to name but a few.

College Camps & Programs

Year 7 Camp Phillip Island Adventure Resort –Activity focused camp for Year 7 students
Year 8 Camp  

Kinglake Forest Adventure –Activity focused camp for Year 8 students

Thornton – Rubicon Outdoor centre. Outdoor activities including a bushwalk and overnight stay in a tent (select group)

Year 8 Challenge Week Activity based program designed to challenge Year 8 students to move outside their comfort zone
Year 9 Inspire

Year 9 City Explore

Students participating in various activities to provide a smooth start to their year

Students experience exploring the city

Year 10 Camp Coonawarra Adventure Resort– camp with a wide range of activities including study skills
Year 11 Flying Start Program One day at Deakin/Monash University – students are involved in a range of sessions to prepare them for VCE
Year 12 Surf Camp 2 day (overnight) camp at Anglesea, Lorne & Torquay to provide a smooth start to the year where they experience a range of fun filled activities